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Myocardial Bridging, a meta-analysis

Title: What is the optimal treatment for symptomatic patients with isolated coronary myocardial bridge? a systematic review and meta-regression including 831 patients from 15 studies.
Highlights:Myocardial Bridging (MB) represents infrequent common coronary anomaly, with few severe adverse events but a relevant symptom burden. Medical therapy, especially with beta-blockers, is the ussual first-line treatment in symptomatic patients, with  bypass surgery/myotomy or stenting  as secondary options, despite absence of randomized trials.
Search strategy: Pertinent articles were searched in Medline, Cochrane Library, Biomed Central and Google Scholar in keeping with established methods21 with Mesh strategy and with terms related to patients admitted with a diagnosis of suspected angina or acute coronary artery disease (ACS): (myocardial OR intramyocardial) AND (bridging OR bridge) AND (stent* OR ptca OR angioplasty) OR cabg OR bypass AND (graft* OR surgery)). Studies appraising only patients with MB or MB and non MB patients were both included.
Principal investigator: Enrico Cerrato, MD